Self-made green heroes

Environmentally friendly technologies are usually expensive and very hard to implement without additional financial support. But sometimes, there are people who can think out of the box and come up with unconventional ideas how to save the planet.

Dr Dinabandhu Sahoo, a botanist from the University of Delhi, has come up with a technology to capture and neutralize exhaust gases from cars by using a tank full of water and algae on top of his car. The scientist says 1 kg of algae absorbs 1,8 kg of CO2 and emits 1,6 kg of Oxygen.  Additionally, the algae can later be used to produce bio fuel.  Doctor Sahoo has already patented the technology and made himself a prototype to test the efficiency of his idea.

Although he might appear a bit like emerged from the “Wacky races” cartoon, the possibility to clean your car emissions and produce oil for the same car seems worth looking into.

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