Glass tiles to heat your house

Do you want to be eco, energy efficient and aesthetic at the same time? A Swedish company called SolTech has the answer – glass. Instead of traditional concrete or clay tiles SolTech designs tiles from ordinary glass, through which the sun energy is absorbed in surface underneath. The energy captured from the glass roof is integrated with the existing heating system of the building.

Commonly, the system is connected to water born heating system via an accumulator. Under the tiles there is a nylon black canvas under which the air is heated and starts to circulate. Then it is used to heat the water via accumulator tank. The system is suitable for all seasons as it does not need a bright sunshine to work. It could generate energy on a day with slight overcast. It is effective during the winter and even during the night due to its capacity to store heat in isolating air layers under the canvas. The SolTech Energy System generates about 350 kWh heat per square meter depending on climate, angle of the roof and cardinal direction.

Needless to say, it also saves you carbon emissions and reduces your footprint.

For a peak, have a look at a glass tiles powered house.

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